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Etheric Matter - Various - Kindle (CDr)

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  1. As a result of frequency, lower vibration makes up the Etheric matter. The Astral Realm is the seat of our emotions, senses and memory. At this level it is therefore, where our subconscious mind works. Here in The Akashic Records, all of our thoughts and experiences are recorded.
  2. The etheric body, ether-body, æther body, a name given by neo-Theosophy to a vital body or subtle body propounded in esoteric philosophies as the first or lowest layer in the "human energy field" or aura. It is said to be in immediate contact with the physical body, to sustain it and connect it with "higher" bodies.. The English term "etheric" in this context seems to derive from the.
  3. Dec 01,  · This is an excellent book, extremely well written, and one of those non-fiction books I would even describe as "charming", not to mention vivid and fascinating. I wasn't really that interested in the subject matter when I first started, but they have really touched me to the point where I have a new-found respect for "true" magik/5(6).
  4. The materials in this category constitute an alternative to Einstein’s relativistic physics, postulating the existence of a medium for the propagation of electromagnetic waves called ether. Theories of the ether have been championed and expounded on by the likes of Sir Oliver Lodge, Dayton C. Miller, and Carl F. Krafft and perhaps you? Dayton C. Continue reading Etheric Physics →.
  5. As a matter of law, the answer is no. As a matter of good neighbor policy, it is often best to keep those impacted informed. During the installation process, we will install a high-grade radio. In some cases, it may be necessary to get on the roof of your property using a ladder to determine if a direct line-of-sight is possible from your location.
  6. The next level upward is the Etheric Plane. The Etheric Plane is a semi-physical type plane. It's molecular structure is more free than the physical plane. Habitation on the Etheric Plane, in a nonphysical state, allows you to float but not to pass through objects.
  7. As I suppose: though etheric matter is existing, no etheric plane exists and therefore no etheric sight. "When I saw, objects they were not identical with those of the physical plane, even when it seemed so at the first glance. In astral plane there are different rules how matter is .
  8. The etheric limbs go through all physical objects. Just like in the movies, as a ghost you simply slip through things. However, there is also the presence of etheric matter. I’ve found objects containing etheric counterparts that can be pulled apart from the physical copies.
  9. After the theosophic teachings, the etheric body is about six inches bigger than the physical body. Ether as lifeless substance (if something like lifeless ether exists at all) and ether of a living human may be as different as matter in a test tube and living matter/ body of a highly evolved being.

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