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Everyone Is Out To Get Us - Various - New Noise Volume Eleven (CD)

8 thoughts on “ Everyone Is Out To Get Us - Various - New Noise Volume Eleven (CD)

  1. The CD player is dying off and I doubt it will get the resurgence Vinyl enjoys. The future is clearly digital downloads. For the moment in lossy compression, soon enough in lossless and eventually high resolution. Not everyone is ready to abandon their silver discs. It makes sense for Audiolab to offer a transitional product like the CDQ.
  2. Can anyone hear the disc spin in their SACD/CD player? I have a Sony XAES SACD/CD player for the last 2 1/2 years and love it. However, tonight I was listening to a new CD, The Viola in My Life by Morton Feldman, and realized I could barely hear the disc of the music on this is slightly above dead silence, and during this period I realized something didn't sound right.
  3. "Up to eleven", also phrased as "these go to eleven", is an idiom from popular culture, coined in the movie This Is Spinal Tap, where guitarist Nigel Tufnel proudly demonstrates an amplifier whose volume knobs are marked from zero to eleven, instead of the usual zero to ten.
  4. We need to decide what we mean by the terms amazing and horrible. CDs are an incredible technology that will faithfully (up the point of the KHz sampling rate) reproduce audio. This is important as reproduction is the key term here. There's an.
  5. Sep 01,  · Got a tech question for Sound & Vision? Email us at [email protected] Q I recently bought High-Res Audio downloads of Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumours” and Supertramp’s “Crime of the Century” from HDtracks. When I play them with my Sony NWZ-A17 Walkman, the volume is much lower than what I hear from FLAC versions of the same music ripped from my CDs.
  6. Jul 29,  · Volume Control is an amazing app that lets you take control of your device’s volume – instead of being controlled by it! HOW IT WORKS Volume Control is extremely easy to use. Simply tweak existing or create new pre-defined volume profiles, and toggle between them with just a single touch. Individual profiles are comprised of: Alarm, Media, Ringer, Notification, Voice (in-call), Bluetooth.
  7. Because they have greater dynamic range. Put another way, the loudest parts of both older and newer CDs have the same amount of "volume" (peak sound level). But on newer CDs the peaks are less peaky and the average sound level is much higher.
  8. Jan 21,  · But if I play CD in deck B (recording deck)they mostly play fine. When I play the Cds in a Aiwa Cd player they play fine. Regular Cds play with no problems in deck A, except on some 2-CD imports, 1 disc will play fine in deck A and 1 will have that clicking sound, but will play fine in deck B. I use Memorex Music 80 minute CD-Rs.

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